My name is Richard Trovatten. I am a design and strategy guy with 8 years of startup experience. I was the team lead of Theory and Practice at Dream Industries. There I led the fantastic teams that ran and developed our media-engine TNP.com, our event-engine Exchang.es , and our venue-engine Third Place.

On this site I do my best to share my latest work, publish my research and share thoughts as well as general news from my life.

Next to my primary endeavors I try to make time for consulting others. I take part in think tanks, research groups and personally advise CEOs, national ministers, NGOs, early-stage start-ups, fortune 500 companies, universities and a bunch of other entities. My favorite clients include: Google, Unilever, BBC, The Danish Broadcasting Corporation and The UK Post Office.

Residency Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture & Design, Russia
MA Hyper Island, United Kingdom
BSc Roskilde University, Denmark

Lean Startup Methodology. Costumer Development. Customer insight. UX/UI. Prototyping. Communication.

mail: rtrovatten@gmail.com
twitter: @rtrovatten
cv: LinkedIn