My name is Richard Trovatten. I am a strategist and entrepreneur. I work in the fields of education and technology. I am the team lead of Theory and Practice at Dream Industries. Here I lead the strategy and development efforts of three start-ups: Our event-engine Exchang.es , our media-engine TNP.com and our venue-engine Third Place. My role is to support our teams, understand our users, help shape our technology and scale our businesses in our mission to provide motivation and incentives for individuals, organizations and venues to connect locally about the things they care about.

Here on this site I do my best to share my latest work, publish my writings and share thoughts as well as general news from my life.

MA Digital Media Management, Hyper Island, UK
Diploma Digital Education, Strelka Institute for media, architecture & design, Russia
BSc Strategy and Communication, Roskilde University, Denmark

mail: rtrovatten@gmail.com
My events: Exchang.es
twitter: @rtrovatten
cv: LinkedIn